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Culture Vulture is an instrumental pop outfit with heavy math rock and jazz influence. Culture Vulture strives to challenge and surprise their fans with every arrangement. Combine all that with eclectic instrumentation, guitar, drums, and trombone, all with processing and effect power to make a full sound that spans from wistful dreaminess to metal creaminess. Culture Vulture has existed since 2012. Each member cut their teeth in very different scenes across the country but converged on Savannah to bring it all together in a colloidal mixture of densely packed sound. Dancey to the brave, complex to the analyst, sexy to the depraved.

FFO: Jaga Jazzist, Chon, Toe, Mouse on the Keys, RX Bandits, Tera Melos, LITE, T.R.A.M.



James earned his stripes in Rochester, NY's pop-punk and jazz scenes but moved through NH and into Brooklyn's fetid and fantastic Bushwick streets.

Plays through effects rack including capability to freeze chords and Sub-Octave to cover bass while maintaining the alto and soprano ranges of the instrument if need be.



Matt's academic and unique chops stretch back to Hot Springs, AK stemming from both a degree in classical percussion technique and experience as an electronic music producer.

Also a 9 channel pad system allows for the addition of some electronic depth. Adept with drum programming and sampling.



Nick's maple-flavored sound comes from two decades of trombone study in New England reinforced with dozens of classical, jazz, and ska ensembles.

Played through a multi-effects processor to allow the trombone to become so much more. Use of harmonist and octaves can make the trombone anything from a tuba to a brass choir to an organ.


Written and Performed by Culture Vulture
Girls' Night on Acid Tuba/Trumpet: Kenny Murphy
Engineer: Clay Skinner
Mixing: Clay Skinner, Magnus Nelson, & Henry McGehee
Mastering: Bill Pelton & Tyler Cutitta
Album Artwork: Lauren Schwind
Bomb Shelter Records
Release Date: March 5th, 2016

cul·ture vul·ture



1. A scavenger, circling the media, looking for scraps of originality to add to their conceit. They sport eclectic styles and have eclectic tastes, always recognizable as having been borrowed without adaption or refinement from elsewhere.

2. A person who consumes art, music, movies, dance, etc irrespective of taste level. High-brow, low-brow, middle-brow, uni-brow matters not to the Culture Vulture.

Written and Performed by Culture Vulture
Perigee Saw: Eric Lorenz
Perigee Bass: Natalie Cutitta
Engineers: James Webber & Tyler Cutitta
Mixing: James Webber & Tyler Cutitta
Mastering: Tyler Cutitta
Album Artwork: Conrad Loomis
Release Date: February 20th, 2015



"Culture Vulture is creating music that is never boring, not even for a split second. You can’t predict where it will take you, what will happen or where you will end up. "
-Joshua Peacock, DO Savannah

"Culture Vulture is meant to be seen, felt, tasted, and heard; put some headphones on, and you’ll be whisked away to a new, technicolor dimension."
-Anna Chandler, Connect Savannah

"Culture Vulture produces a phenomenal, upbeat sound that is genuinely different."
-Cat Chambless, DO Savannah

"Started in 2012, the band has settled into an incredibly tight groove. They utilize the characteristics of progressive rock (time changes, modal movement, intricate arrangements), yet their unique instrumentation gives them a tinge of the unexplainable. Any group that can cover Chick Corea and get the audience to crowd surf at the same time is worth paying attention to."
-Garrett Deming, Hissing Lawns

Sound Requirements

Guitar Guitar Amp Bass Amp
Drums 1 DI
Trombone 2 XLR Lines Talkback Microphone


Savannah Indie/DIY Record Label
Bomb Shelter Records

Projection/Live Liquid Light Artist
Planetary Projections

Weekly Savannah Arts Paper
Connect Savannah

Weekly Savannah Arts Paper
Do Savannah

Savannah Music Blog
Hissing Lawns

Savannah Arts/Music Organization
Art Rise

Cover Artist for Self-Titled Record
Sean Muldrow

Cover Artist for Girls' Night
Lauren Schwind

3D Animator for Aurora Music Video
Eric Braun

Savannah Photographer/Videographer
Adriana Iris Boatwright

Rad Savannah Math Rock Band

Killer Savannah Punk Band
Crazy Bag Lady

Fantastic Savannah RnB Surf Band

Amazing Savannah Indie Band
Les Racquets

Savannah Music Festival We Played 2016
Savannah Stopover

Birmingham Music Festival We Played 2015
Secret Stages


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